People (Page 2)

People (Page 2)

These pages provide information about staff members and lay leaders of University Lutheran Church. For information on the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, email

Chris Porter

Chris Porter was appointed assistant financial secretary in October 2015, and became financial secretary in January 2016. He also serves as an ex officio member of the Church Council.

Kiefer Hicks

Gail Bucher

Gail Bucher, UniLu’s service deacon, was commissioned at University Lutheran Church in 1999 after graduating from Diakonia-Boston. Part of her ministry is to the poor and liaison to the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, housed in the basement at University Lutheran. She holds…

Andrew DiBiasio

John Gregg

Mary Pederson Metelmann

Brian Tracey

Helen Schwickrath

Susan Worst

Susan Worst has been a member of University Lutheran Church since 1986 and its webmaster since 1998. She works in the Office of Information Technology and Media Services at Harvard Divinity School and taught web development from 2010 to 2017 in the Department of Computer Science…
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