More about Sunday Worship

More about Sunday Worship

Worship Leaders

Pastors Kathleen Reed and Gracious Moyo usually lead worship services at UniLu. Preachers usually include our pastor, other staff members, other ordained members of the congregation (including the Rev. Imogene Stulken, the Rev. Greg Mileski, and the Rev. Angelika Zollfrank), chaplains from nearby campus ministries, and Lutheran students at local divinity schools.

Lay members (i.e., non-pastors) are involved in several ways. Worship assistants, whom we call “deacons,” welcome worshipers before the service, lead intercessory prayers (see below), collect the offering, help serve communion, and host the coffee hour following the service. The assisting minister helps the pastor prepare communion and leads various prayers during the service. Readers contribute to the service by reading scripture lessons or prayers.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email, or speak with Pastor Kathleen Reed.

Intercessory Prayers

Both of our Sunday morning services include a time for intercessory prayer, or “prayers of the people.” A worship leader begins by offering prayers of general concern, including prayers for people around the world using the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle. After that, you are encouraged to share your own petitions of concern or thanksgiving aloud so that the entire congregation may pray with you.

Please also alert a pastor or staff member when a family member, congregation member, or friend of UniLu is ill, has died, or is celebrating a wedding or birth, so that that person’s name may be included in the list of prayer concerns printed each week in the bulletin. During the Choral Eucharist service, we pray for these individuals by name.

If you are interested in leading intercessory prayers, please email, or speak with Pastor Kathleen Reed.