Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts


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University Lutheran is…

  • A Christian ministry of and to members of the academic communities of Cambridge and greater Boston;
  • A congregation of young and old, students and resident members affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America;
  • A place to worship, to hear the Word of God proclaimed, to receive the sacraments, to be nourished in the Christian faith, and to care for one another;
  • The home of the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter from November to April and the Harvard Square Summer Shelter during the summer;
  • A founding member of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization and the Cambridge Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition;
  • An ever-evolving community drawn together by the desire for worship, study, community, and service;
  • A Reconciling in Christ congregation since 1989. As the ReconcilingWorks “Vision for the Church” puts it, “Freed by God’s grace, the body of Christ on earth leads a joyous dance of transformation, integrating sexuality and spirituality, justice and mercy. Through continuous reformation, the Church embraces in holiness and into wholeness people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions, strengthening us for authentic, visible, faithful lives. Dedicated to radical reconciliation, the Church falls into the heart of God’s passionate intent, co-creating a world without outcasts, calling all to serve as guests and hosts at God’s table of blessing and power.”