Communion at UniLu

Communion at UniLu

People of all ages are welcome at our Holy Communion table, where Christ is both host and meal.

Communion at the Choral Eucharist Service (10:30 am)

We commune standing in a circle. Communion is shared in several groups, one at a time, that form around the altar and extend to the floor; if you prefer not to navigate the steps to the chancel, you don’t need to do so. The pastor will explain when to come up to the altar during the service.

When you receive communion, the pastor or assisting minister will first place bread into your open hand. Gluten-free wafers are also available; simply let the bread-bearer know if you need one.

After that, communion assistants will offer you wine or grape juice in an individual cup. The wine is purple; the grape juice is gold.

A communion server will gesture when it is time to return to your seat. Place your individual cup on one of the tray tables at the foot of the stairs as you head back to your pew.

Anyone preferring not to receive communion is welcome to either come forward and receive a blessing, or to remain seated in the pew and join in the singing of hymns.

Taste and see that the Lord is good!