Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts


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UniLu will have one service at 10 am from Sunday, May 26 through Sunday, September 8, 2019.

(On Sunday, September 15, 2019, we will resume our academic-year schedule: the Bread ☩ Belonging service at 9 am and Choral Eucharist at 10:30 am.)

Midweek services are also offered on local campuses. The Lutheran-Episcopal Ministry at MIT holds services year-round, while the Lutheran campus ministries at Harvard Divinity School and Northeastern University offer them during the academic year. See the campus ministry page for details. All services are open to anyone who would like to attend.

Worship Leaders

Pastor Kathleen Reed usually leads worship services at UniLu. Preachers include our pastor and staff, chaplains from nearby campus ministries, and Lutheran students at local divinity schools; laypeople serve as assisting ministers and cantors.

Lay deacons welcome worshippers before the service, read lessons, pray the intercessions, collect the offering, assist in serving Holy Communion, and host the coffee hour following the service. Students, Sunday School children, and others may also contribute to the service by reading lessons or prayers.

If you are interested in serving as a deacon, cantor, or assisting minister, please contact the campus and community coordinator at deacons@unilu.org, or speak with Pastor Kathleen Reed.


We love to sing! Hymns come from the Lutheran hymnal Evangelical Lutheran Worship, from the Taizé and Iona communities, and from many other sources.

Inclusive Language

As a congregation we have chosen to make occasional changes in the language of the printed texts used in worship services—e.g., substituting “people” for “men”—in order to express our oneness in Christ, to use more inclusive terms about our community, and to expand our images of God. These changes are incorporated in worship materials as well as in the lessons and Gospel texts read during the service.

Holy Communion

All Christians are welcome at our Eucharist table to share in Christ’s communion and real presence. During communion, an ordained pastor celebrates the Eucharist and consecrates the elements. Lay deacons and the assisting minister assist in the distribution of the elements.

We symbolize our unity in Christ by using a whole loaf of bread and a common cup of wine. You may also commune by intinction—dipping the bread into the wine in the common cup—or by using an individual glass. Glasses are available at the front of the center aisle. Both wine and grape juice are available for pouring into individual glasses. Gluten-free wafers are also available in lieu of bread; simply ask the pastor distributing bread for those.

Anyone preferring not to receive communion is welcome to remain seated in the pew and join in the singing of hymns.

Intercessory Prayers

The Service of Holy Communion includes a time for intercessory prayer. After the intercessor offers prayers of general concern, you are encouraged to share your own petitions of concern or thanksgiving aloud so that the entire congregation may pray with you.

Please also alert a pastor or staff member when a family member, congregation member, or friend of UniLu is ill, has died, or is celebrating a wedding or birth, so that his or her name may be included in the list of prayer concerns printed each week in the bulletin. These names are invoked during the intercessory prayers in the Sunday morning service.