Reformation 500 Banners by Chris Pollari

Reformation 500 Banners by Chris Pollari

Five photo mosaics, each mounted on red fabric, hang in a horizontal line above the altar in the chancel of University Lutheran Church

Reformation 500 Banners by Chris Pollari. Photo by Chris Pollari.

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Photographer and longtime UniLu member Chris Pollari created these banners in 2018 in observance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Each mosaic creates a large image using hundreds of small photographs of people from UniLu over the years. The large images are “A Voice Crying in the Wilderness” and “Organ Music” by Chris Pollari; “Bread Cross” by Birgitta Ralston; “Bell Tower with Spring Blossoms” by Chris Pollari; and “Flowing Water” by Chris Porter. Through these banners, Chris answers the question, “What is the church at 500?” “It is people.”

View larger images of “A Voice Crying in the Wilderness,” “Organ Music,” “Bread Cross,” “Bell Tower with Spring Blossoms,” and “Flowing Water” on Chris Pollari’s website.