Using the “UniLu Remembers” Blog

Using the “UniLu Remembers” Blog

UniLu Remembers is an interactive website that allows members of the UniLu community to share memories of, and send condolences to the families of, people who have died. To use it:

  • Go to the “UniLu Remembers” blog at (Clicking on the link will open the blog in a new tab or window of your web browser.)
  • Find the post you would like to contribute to, and click on the word “comments” at the bottom of the post.
  • The “Post a Comment” form appears at the bottom of the screen. Enter your comment in the text box.
  • Next to the words “Comment as:” is a drop-down menu. This menu determines how your name will appear at the top of your post.
    • If you have one of the following accounts:
      • Google (including Gmail)
      • LiveJournal
      • WordPress
      • TypePad
      • AIM
      • OpenID

      select it from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, choose Name/URL, and fill in your name when prompted. You can also fill in the URL of your blog or website if you wish; if you do, your name will link to it.

  • Click “Preview” to preview your comment or “Publish” to publish it.
  • If you chose to use your Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, or OpenID account above and were not already logged in, you will be prompted to enter your username and password at this point. After successfully authenticating, you will return to the comment screen. Click “Preview” or “Publish” again.
  • Please prove you are not a robot
    The “I’m not a robot” checkbox.
    Next, you may see a screen with the words “Please prove you’re not a robot.” This is designed to prevent spam comments. Check the “I’m not a robot” box.
  • In rare cases, you may be presented with a second verification screen. It typically shows 9 photos and asks you to mark the ones that contain a certain object (such as sandwiches, cookies, or trees.). Complete the verification.
  • You are finished! Your comment will appear online.

If you have any questions about using “UniLu Remembers,” or would prefer to have your comment posted for you, please contact our webmaster.

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